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The publishing industry is transforming - what we are and are not

We're not a "vanity press." Frankly, From Prose to Print is not interested in producing questionable or sub-standard literature. A vanity press will publish anything you ask of them, for a fee. Our creative consultants are all experienced professionals. They will hold you to a high standard. If you cannot accept their recommendations to a reasonable extent, our deal will be terminated and production halted wherever it stands. We understand it is a two-way street. No manuscript will go to print without a client's approval.

We aren't, strictly speaking, a publishing house, either. In simple terms, a "mainstream" publisher will license and then distribute your story. In exchange for assigning your rights to the publisher you are compensated in the form of Royalties and possibly an advance on anticipated sales. But mainstream publishers are increasingly risk adverse, making it harder and harder for new comers to "break in." From Prose to Print is a hybrid of sorts, created in response to the rapidly changing face of publishing.

Our approach seeks to address that large pool of untapped talent, but in such a way that our qualified co-creators (ghost writers, editors, book designers, etc.) are paid a fair wage and, moreover, ensures that the entire process is sustainable. Too many well-intentioned publishers have closed their doors in recent years because they adhered to an out-of-date business model and consequently couldn't meet their expenses. Our fee for service approach is, perhaps, a break with tradition, but a carefully constructed one that balances present economic realities with the goal of fostering new talent and great literature.


The cost for this premium service varies according to the scope of the project. A typical 50,000 word book will run US$19,950, payable in three installments.

What we can't or don't do

Fund raising, publicity, marketing, translation, and research (beyond the initial documentation that you provide). We can, upon request, suggest the names of reputable third-party providers for these services.

To qualify as a work of "Creative Non-Fiction" there must be extensive supporting documentation for all claims and assertions in your text. Ideas that are speculative in nature must be denoted as such. In other words, your "true story" must be verifiable. You must also undertake to respect the ordinary individual's right to privacy. Work of this caliber typically requires many years of painstaking research. Anything short of this standard must necessarily be categorized as "Fiction," although it may be fair to say that your work is "based on a true story."

Sponsorship - the gift of story

You may know someone who has a fabulous story to tell, but lacks the resources or connections to get published. Consider sponsoring the work of a deserving author. "Patrons" are gratefully acknowledged in the front matter of sponsored books and are provided with a personally inscribed edition.

If you have no one specific in mind, but would still like to sponsor the publication of a great story, we can help match your support with a talented author. Send us an email stating your interest.


We welcome all enquiries (email link above or contact form on home page).

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“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
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